Welcome to The Jilly Academy!


The Jilly Academy Courses have been designed with your learning experience in mind, and each course includes a comprehensive workbook containing exercises, case studies, definitions and additional learning activities to either enhance the video modules or provide a self guided tool for your own transformative journey.
Our very first course is all about building your framework and helping to guide your business in the right direction. Branding not only defines the look and feel of your business but also ensures you stay consistent across all platforms and with all of your messaging!
Content creation and digital storytelling is the heart and soul of my business and I can't wait to pull back the curtain for you on the creative process! This course is filled to the brim with our tried, tested and true methods, systems and templates for taking photos, designing photoshoots, and creating compelling and engaging content!
Let's take your business to the next level! This course is focused on growing your business, influencer marketing, monetization, finance and legal fundamentals, growing your team and creating an incredible company culture. We're handing over all of the Team Jilly secrets on how we've created, and continue to grow, this business!